Sunday, September 28, 2008

ALEC - the mixtape

From a young age I’ve been painfully obsessed with Lego.




As I grew up I traded blocks for beats. My cd will include some of my mixes, remixes and blends as well as original and remixed tracks from a few of my mates from Ballina/Lennox and Goldy. The package will be a 2 sided digi pack with a sleeve for a booklet. The booklet will contain photos and illustrations and text all in the flavour of the music. It will be most likely a mash up of images but still maintain a simple and refreshing look. I’ve set the bar pretty high for myself on this one because if I can pull it off well I’ll be able to use this as a ‘resume’ for getting work at clubs!!!


Friday, September 26, 2008

stacy:check out this video on peter saville

Peter Saville, formerly chief designer at Factory Records, created some of the most iconic British album covers in the last thirty years, for bands including Joy Division, Pulp and Suede. He recently selected some favourite cover art from University of the Arts alumni for their Spin exhibition. We went down to his studio to talk about then and now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rosalind- CD

My cd will be based on rock/metal/grunge style music. It will be a 6 panel digipack with insert sleeve with an eight page booklet. I intend to do a combination of photography and a little illustration. I am hoping to play with some cut outs, but only if it works with the design as a whole.
I am tending to lean towards the tool shed that my husband has downstairs as my main influence, there is a lot of interesting stuff in it. This obviously means there will be no pretty pastel colours in my design!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Govinda-CD Package Intensions

I will be producing a reggae remix CD called Mi Museek. I will be using a Digipak cover as I hate jewel cases. This will be either a two fold or three fold. The CD will sit in either one of those plastic trays or a simple cardboard sleeve inside the Digipak. I hope to take my own photographs for the CD and integrate it with drawn elements and colour. The booklet will be something special, something that the viewer can look at again and again and will encourage people to buy the CD instead of downloading it.

I want the CD package to be a visual feast. Beautiful. Epic.

CD Design-Kurt

Drum and Bass (commonly abbreviated to d&b, DnB, dnb, d'n'b, drum n bass, drum & bass) is a type of electronic dance music also known as jungle which emerged in the late 1980s.
The genre is characterised by fast tempo broken beats (generally between 160–180 bpms).This is a very high energy style of music, and to my ears the sound is futuristic.
The music i am choosing will be a dj mix of my all time favorite tracks from Artists such as Andy C, Ram Trilogy, Aphrodite, Dillinger, EZ Rollers, Krust, Dj Zinc, Matrix, London Electricity and Ed Rush and Optical to name a few.

For the Artwork I will be taking influence from futuristic scenes, robotics, cyborgs, Ninja"s and combining abstract forms and backrounds to create graphic images. The color pallet will be definately dark and minimal.
Typographically depending on how strong my images are I have a select few typefaces in mind that are as stealth as a cybotic ninja for the title of the artist.

I really like the idea of opening a cd booklet and the whole cover becomes a poster so i,m thinking that I will use this paper folding technique inside of a Digipack case.

Tracy: Cd Packaging Design

My CD packaging will have a bluesy flavour. The imagery will be black and white with tiny splashes of colour. The imagery will be sourced from old photographs that I have in my collection. It will have a cardboard cover which folds into a tight package which encapsulates an eight page stapled booklet and a CD sleeve with window which reveals part of the disc. 

The cover will include song titles as will the booklet. The booklet will include random images to create a earthy country blues  effect. The booklet will also incorporate song lyrics which will be overlaid on the images.

Tane - CD design

My CD design, i think, will invariably have to be called 'FUNK AUTHORITY.'

It will be based on the genre known as hiphop, though leaning towards humorous visuals, it may use some elements of hard gangsta rap visuals but its not going that way.

'released' as a jewel case with the weird button on the side that I showed you peoples in the group therapy discussion, Funk Authority is predominantly a mix of mismatched music i've made with me mate over the wasted years, but all the tracks are pretty much parodies of their genre, so yes, the cd will have actual non-copyrighted original music on it.

the book inside will flip out horizontally into a very long sheet with random images and notes and lyrics on each track. Hopefully I can print all the paper glossy-like.

I'm in the process of figuring out the visuals.

Twill be godly.

Abby - CD Packaging

I asked someone if I could use the images of their band for my project. They are a four piece Rock band called “Push.”
I did a brainstorm of the design. It will have a front and back cover with an 8 page booklet. The inside will have information about the band, a picture of each person, a little explanation about them, a list of songs and a list of thanks to those who made it. I already have photos from the band.
I will make the CD packaging with cardboard because it will save time and avoid damage. I don’t like plastic jewel cases on CD packaging as they can easily be damaged and they’re old fashioned. I want a new and interesting way of packaging CDs.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

100 wds


"I've never bought a record without being influenced by the cover"
Peter Maybury

"An album cover is more important than ever these day. You can download everything from the internet, but if the cover is great, theres a reason to buy it"
Nat Hunter Airside

"We should not design disc packaging as a cover but instead as a box in which sits material that supports the work of an artist . This box has several faces both inside and out, and the goal is not simply to make a beautiful image/ cover to seduce the consumer, it is to support the artists and give them a strong presence. Yes, we have to make smaller images, but nothing obliges us to remain blocked in the jewel case"
Cedric Murac designer at WA75

'I don't think there is any other item or product that offers so many design possibilities as the cd"
Stefan Alt - Salt

Design a family of graphics for a music cd using 2d collage either digital or a combination of digital and hand generated
cover front, back and spine
disc label
8 page booklet

Computer graphics, Photocopies, turps release, magazines, old books, art prints, lace, net, overhead transparencies, money, correspondence, old postcards, tickets, newsprint, fabrics, tissue, tracing paper, wood, metal , fabric, rubber, Letraset, coloured plastic sheets, clear acetate etc

die cut embossing, stitching, blind embossed, debossed, typographic die cuts, intricate die cuts, instructional illustration, screw fastenings, alternative materials, solid colour jewel case belly bands, o cards etc

" --------------" is the name of a compilation mix cd featuring songs of a particular genre of music e.g techno, hiphop, country, ambient etc.
Typography is to be thoughtfully integrated into your design The style is up to you! No web graphics or copyrighted images can be used.

In 1939 Alex Steinweiss a designer at Columbia Records suggested replacing standard labels with album covers with original art. Since then many designers eg Reid Miles 1950s , Hipnosis, Andy Warhol, Farrow Design, Stylorouge, Segura Inc, Tomato, Intro, Designers Republic, Peter Saville, Vaughan Oliver, Pentagram, Sagmeister and Stephen Byram have perfected and developed the medium.

Can be variable dependant on thickness of cd case- jewel case, longcase, smart-pak, digipak, digi track, eco- pak, laser file, special retail packaging "I prefer cardboard packaging because it ages much more beautifully"
Stefan Sagmeister

"Jewel cases are an incredible phenomenon of bad design in form, function, handling, storing, material and tactile quality on a huge scale. Icannot believe they're still used in ways other than irony"
Christof Steinmann, Spezialmaterial


brief 2 given
Research, discuss, understand, explain, analyse the requirements of the brief. show examples professional work.
homework source example for next weeks class

11/09/08 (Clea to take class)
5% students are to bring and show rest of class a cd which exhibits good graphic design and explain how you think the designer has achieved excellence in graphics and packaging and how they have represented the recording artist/s and their music
discuss quotes on the brief
commence thumbnailling, research

brief 1 environmental poster final critique 20%
Present final printed outcome and report due.
5 minute verbal presentation justifying approach to brief and problem with 7 minute teacher/class feedback.

submit 100 words due describing your intention. Please post on blog that has been set up cd package design or in Stacy's drop box if you don't have internet access at home and label your file.cd_100wds_yourname 5%
show examples previous students work
continue thumbnailling, research Prepare visuals. Apply a creative design process- mindmapping and research
last class term 3

first class of term 4
Prepare visuals- a dummy book. Apply a creative design process- research and thumbnailing
continue thumbnailling, research and dummy book , 5%
Prepare more visuals. Apply a creative design process- research and thumbnailing

brief 2 preliminary critique 20%
Present preliminary concepts.
5% 5 minute verbal presentation justifying approach to brief and problem with 7 minute teacher/class feedback.

Continue to develop concept, refine and commence prototype

Continue to develop concept, refine and continue prototype

Continue to develop concept, refine and continue prototype

Continue to develop concept, refine and continue prototype

brief 2 final critique 40% report due 6%
Present a fully resolved final design solution applying the techniques and media appropriate to the design brief. 5 minute verbal presentation by student appropriately illustrating final design solution and appropriate support documentation. 10 minute teacher/class feedback.

pass criteria for preliminary critique

design process identified
critical interaction with peer group carried out
concepts developed utilising techniques and media appropriate to the brief
concepts visualised
preliminary designs produced
sketch designs presented
presented on due date

pass criteria for final critique

design further developed and refined
design problem resolved.
graphic presentation methods identified
design solution presented.
philosophy of the design solution described
Application of materials and techniques
Level of resolution of design problem appropriate to design brief and client requirements
Material researched effectively
Verbal presentation should be clear and evidence of structure present
References and bibliography listed correctly
Inclusion of personal opinion/conclusion
Graphic/Visual presentation should show creativity and personal style
presented on due date


Cd Art- Innovation in CD Packaging Design- Charlotte Rivers Rotovision ISBN 2- 88046-745-4

Techno Style Martin Pesch Marcus Weisbeck 741.66 PESC

Compact Disc Packaging and Graphics Ken Pfeirer 741.66 PFEI

Visible Music CD Jacket Graphics 741.66 VISI