Monday, November 24, 2008

PAOLO - CD packaging design

To create the graphic for my digipack design  I focused my attention on the music, trying to understand why some kind of music and songs make us feeling so well and some other don`t and I`ve started understanding that this is about brain`s processes and connections to emotions. I` ve discovered that in our brain there is an area in the gray matter ( it is named AMIGDALA which is a greek name) that looks like an almond, in that is located all the emotional knowledge of memories, without it would be impossible to evaluate the emotional knowledge of the events and the human life would be absolutely flat and devoid of taste. So I decided to have a strong graphic about the brain but also to introduce a sort of lobotomized girl totally deprived of energy and vitality as if she would not be able to feel anymore ( at the end I`ve indroduced 2 girls, one on the front cover and one at the back). The graphic came out pretty dark which i like and the music that I have put in the disk is very strong rock music by some of my favorite bands. The booklet contains illustration and also the lyrics of the songs.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

CD DESIGN; leilani

For my Cd design I decided to base it off a friends band, Onesian. Since the music is a Polynesian style of hip hop and Rnb, I am going with an islands feel for it. I am not however, going do any of the clich├ęd palm trees and beaches things. I hope to portray this with the use of a mainly brown and black colour scheme, and weave textures of the samoan ie toga for the inside part. I am also going to incorporate some of the traditional samoan tatau as bordering in the design, mainly in the booklet, and hopefully as a movable feature on the front cover.